Can't get old watchface onto watch any more

I’ve been using Facer since day 1 and created a watchface very early on. I’m happy with that watchface and just want to keep using it.

Today I got a new phone (Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge), and therefore had to factory-reset my watch (Sony Smartwatch 3) to pair it with the new phone.

I now can’t make the old watchface go across to the Smartwatch 3. The phone app finds the old watchface in the folder I copied it across to fine, and previews it, but it won’t send across.

I tried creating a draft, but then that requires me to come to the website on my PC and edit it there. I’ve done that but there’s no ‘save’, only ‘submit for approval’.

I didn’t buy Facer to create watchfaces for a community, I bought it to create one single watchface that did everything I wanted and send it to my own watch. Is this no longer possible? How can I get the watchface that was working fine on my watch yesterday back onto my watch post-factory-reset?

Hi @bitoclass! The save feature is under the “MENU” option. Once the watchface is saved it should be available in the My Designs section of the Facer app on your Android device, and can be synced to your watch from there.

The “submit for approval” feature is intended for users who want to publish their watchface for distribution to the broader Facer community and make it available to our hundreds of thousands of users!

Hope this helps!

Thanks, that really wasn’t clear before so I appreciate the explanation.

However, there don’t seem to be the options there used to be about where the “OK Google” text and other system additions will appear. My watchface was designed to have these in the middle at the top but now the OK Google text is appearing dead centre on the whole watchface, which ruins it. How do I change where this text appears please?

Awesome - sorry if it wasn’t clear. That definitely is something we should address in the future so our users don’t think you can’t design your own watchfaces anymore!

Regarding the “Ok Google” option, this is something we’re bringing back in the next version of Facer, which should be available in a couple of weeks. Stay tuned, and definitely let us know if there’s something else you’d like to see in the app!

Hi there - over a month later I still can’t see any way to move OK Google and the system icons back where they belong at the top of my screen instead of right in the middle covering the watchface elements. Any news on this? Thanks.

@bitoclass: thanks for the note! This is still being worked on. The main question revolves around the flexibility we should give to the designers vs. the end-users on these features. I assume you want to choose where these show up on the watchfaces you design, but would you be okay if the user could override your decision and put them somewhere else?

I’m only making a watchface for myself anyway so yes, have no problem at all if anyone else could change it if I released it to them. Although if giving them the ability to is what’s delaying it, I would suggest you don’t do that for now and just get the basic functionality back into Facer - it’s disappointing Facer has taken such a step backwards and for so long, when this was doable in far earlier versions of the app and the functionality has just vanished and made my watchface get worse overnight. Glad to hear it’s being worked on though, thanks very much for the update.

@bitoclass: we’ll focus on giving that ability back to the designers, and allow end-users to override the setting at a later stage. We’re taking your concerns very seriously and are going to prioritize this task immediately. Are there other areas where you feel the editor took a step backwards?

It’s now been over two months since you said this feature would be ready in “a couple of weeks”. Is it ever coming back? It’s so disappointing that you removed this ability and still haven’t brought it back.

Sorry I didn’t answer your other question, I don’t seem to get notified about replies so then I forget to check. I think the other way the app has gone backwards is in not allowing any editing on the phone - I don’t want to have to go on a computer to edit watchfaces and that wasn’t the app I bought. But setting that aside the main problem is that you have removed a vital feature and still not put it back after five times as long as you’d said it would take.

Surely others are having this problem too - surely most watchfaces are ruined by having all the icons and ‘OK Google’ in the very centre on top of whatever is meant to be centred? At least make the default position be at the top as it was originally!

Thank you for your continued engagement, I hope to hear from you soon that this is fixed at last.

Hi @bitoclass!

For now we’ve added the ability for end users to change the positioning of all the indicators in the Facer app. This is available since Facer 2.2.2. We prioritized this feature because we think it benefits the most users on Facer, but are still working on the ability to change the positioning from the designer’s side as well.


Thanks, just tried it and that works!

Awesome - we’re also going to make top-center the default setting very soon!