Can't get Stopwatch tags to work

I am trying to design a watch face that shows the stopwatch time, but only if the stopwatch is running.

I am assuming that #SWISRUNNING# refers to the built-in Android Wear stopwatch, which is a separate app. If you start the app, it continues running in the background. I interpreted this tag to be a boolean telling whether that stopwatch is running–not whether the app is active, but whether the stopwatch has actually been started and is keeping time. I have set up a watch face that includes an object that shows the time from the stopwatch:


It has a transparency condition of


However, this object is shown even if the stopwatch is not running. And when the stopwatch is running, the stopwatch time display does not update. It always shows


no matter what.

Am I misinterpreting how to use these values, or is it just broken?

As far as i know StopwatchFunctionality is only in preparation but not yet usable. Maybe in the next Facer Creator Version? We are all waiting for this feature.

Thanks for your response. I am just starting with Facer in the last week or so and if it’s not in the documentation, I don’t know it :slight_smile: I suppose that I’ll absorb things from the air as I get into more community discussions.

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