Can't load my old Facer designs on the new Facer app


I used the facer app about a year ago, and had tons of Faces I loved. I backed them up in my hard drive. Now that Tizen is supported, I thought I’d give Facer ago again. I tried to import my faces on the Android app, but an error message appears that says “Could not read folder contents” when I click on the “Import” button.

All my faces are on the sdcard/Facer directory

Any help will be greatly appreciated!

Hi @fjhuerta - this is related to the new permission model of Android 6.0+ which requires explicit permission to access the external storage. Can you try and enable this permission in the settings of the app on Android and try again? We’ll try and make that process smoother in future update.

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@Facer_Official THANKS! Been searching for this fix. Glad it was an easy one. I am running android 9.0 and the latest version of Facer as of 1/16/2019. Not sure why I was not prompted for this permission upon installing/first run.

Where is the facer location on my smartphone? Mate20 Pro, Android 9. Please help!
The Facerrel location I find is empty…