Can't load watchfaces

For some reason I can’t load the watchfaces when I press the button to load them onto my watch. I have. Samsung S3 Frontier. I even bought a watchface to see if it was that but no luck. Any help is greatly appreciated.

n.moreno7920 I am having the same issue - I have a S2 Classic and Samsung S8 Plus. There was an upgrade offered in Gear Manager for Facer companion unfortunately that didn’t help.
Anyone have any idea or suggestions?

Sorry to hear you are having trouble syncing! What version of the phone app and companion app are you using?

Are you seeing a red sync button on the watch face pages?

We do have a couple of steps that can sometimes resolve these sync issues:

Companion app for gear S2 & S3 version 4.2.5 and facer app yes getting red sync button.

@n.moreno7920 did any of the steps in the link above help?

Yes. I forgot to update. I restarted watch, uninstalled companion app and reinstalled.