Can't login to the Facer website | Can't Sync my watchfaces

For some reason I can’t login to the Facer website and the online Watchface creator since today. But I can login to the Android App and the Community site just fine…

Since yesterday neither can I sync my Watchfaces with my watch nor do they show up properly in the App (There only is a Facer logo and when I try to sync it with my watch the App freezes and eventually crashes).

I hope that someone can help me / this gets fixed.

Same case here, thanks in advance

Same here, created dozens of new faces, they wont sync to my android app

I can login to the Facer website now but I still can’t sync/save the watchfaces to the App properly and if I try to apply them the App still crashes .-.

Hi all - we just rolled out a fix on the server that should address a wide range of issues related to what you described. Could you test again and see if this is still an issue? Note that you may have to force-quit and restart the app for the fix to be effective.


I think the site was being migrated to new servers or was down for maintenance? it is working fine now though

Yes it works. You have to force
Stop the app and login again though

Thanks, everything works as it should since yesterday (didn’t have time to reply yesterday)