Can't publish free version of premium face

I created a face with app launchers for premium subscribers, but I wanted to make a version without the app launchers for free users. I duplicated the face and removed the app launchers, but when I try to publish it, it still says that it must be for premium subscribers only. Is this intended or am I doing something wrong?

Here is the premium version with inspection enabled. I should be able to simply remove the app launcher interactions, right?

It sounds like you need to get help from @Facer_Official on that one, you can contact them at: Submit a request – How can we help? or email them at:

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Thank you very much for your response. That’s what I needed to know, if I was doing something wrong or it was some kind of bug. The added step of including the contact information is very much appreciated as well! Thank you for taking the time!

I was going to take a look but it appears you disabled inspection mode. But it should work to strip a premium face of any premium features and publish as free. I’ve don’t that a number of times. So maybe just double check that you don’t have a layer left behind that is triggering the problem.

That’s odd. I still see inspection mode enabled. Is this thing just really buggy?

I just went and checked and your inspect mode is still turned on as of 7:40 am Eastern U.S. time. It also has four app launchers showing which is going to kick it into the premium only range.

hey @kethaera, I see it now. The inspection icon apparently doesn’t show up in the preview here in the forum, but when I open it in its own window it’s there. But anyway as mrantisocial says, should be able to publish free if you remove the app launchers. Though it looks like that’s what you already tried and it didn’t work. If you have your duplicated stripped down face, can you share that one with inspection? It would be more helpful to search for why it won’t let you publish as free.

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Hi @kethaera, Welcome to Facer!
I looked at your watch face, and it appears that the “Theme Color” paint brush icon is enabled on a couple of your watch face elements. The “HoursOnes-9” element and the next four elements have this turned on. This is a premium feature, you must turn these off to make it a free face. After you turn these off, and remove any of the premium face trigger elements, it should publish for free users. Good luck!

BTW: Nice design!

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OMG, thank you! I checked for that but somehow missed those! That was it, it’s published now!