Cant save my first face!

So, I just downloaded the app a bit ago and made a cool watch face, but I can’t seem to save it! It’s saying, “Watch face save error - please try again” and I do, and it keeps doing that. I’ve made my account, and activated it and everything, and I still cant get it to work. Could you help me with this?

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You can contact @Facer_Official for website issues at: .

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As @mrantisocialguy said - in the meantime I suggest you open a new tab, go to Creator in that, create a new Blank face and then copy the elements across from your design to the blank one one item at a time (including type, colours, position, rotation, etc. etc.).

It would be tedious but it should mean you have something stored separately that you ought to be able to then save.

Good Luck,

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Welcome @simon.mixer . You said you Downloaded the App . Well we all use the Web Application not the Downloaded . You see if you use the Web App .you are already connected to the Server . The Downloaded app saves to the server as well .
I would Recomend getting on Facer.creator
. Do small tests to start with . File naming Saving and loading are your first lessons .then make your Fantastc creations .

Stand by I will get the link .

Try again today and let us know if it works.

Yesterday Facer had some server problems, it was up and down through the day.

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