Can't show the latest watch face after retart the watch

Everyday when I turn on the watch in the morning(I turn it off when go to sleep), it didn’t show the latest watch face I choose. It shows the previous watch face. I need to choose it again everyday.

Hi @antheangai! Sorry about that, that sounds annoying!

What type of watch do you use? And when you’re saying it shows the previous watch face, do you mean the previous one you selected on Facer? Or the previous non-Facer face you had selected?

I’m using samsung gear sport watch. It show the previous watch face selected from facer.

Thanks! We’ll have our team try and reproduce this issue. Has it always happened to you or did it start happening all of a sudden?

It keep happen for around a month already. It was work fine before.

It still happen. How to solve it?