Can't switch the language of a Watch Face

Hello guys,

i’m a french user and i would like to set the lang of the watch on french. I see french texts in the preview of the face i want to download. But, once it’s applied on my Gear S3, it shows up in english. Same for others faces

Any idea to resolve this ? Is this a known issue ? thanks for the help you’d provide

Salut @lucfret!

Francais ici aussi :wink: tu peux me donner un exemple de watch face qui n’apparait pas correctement en francais sur ta Gear S3?


celle ci : Facer - Thousands of FREE watch faces for Apple Watch, Samsung Gear S3, Huawei Watch, and more @Facer_Official

quand je la trouve sur l’appli android, elle apparait avec des textes fr.

I’m French too and have the same problem, I searched in forums and Google but no answer found…

No help other here? If someone have some explanation or solution we’re aware

@Facer_Official pas de solutions depuis samedi ???

No solution on this forum, now the application trying to install billing every day, the installation fails everyday, I’m fade up, I desinstall Facer.