Can't Update Facer app on Watch

I have a notification in my Facer app on my phone saying there’s an update for the Facer app on my watch. I hit the notification and it opens the Facer app on my watch but there is nowhere within the Facer app on my watch that will allow me to update the app on my watch. My watch is a Samsung Watch 4 Classic. How do I update the Facer app on my watch?

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I can only show you what i do. Uninstall Facer on my watch. Click the Minus Icon.
Go to the Sttings on my Profile on my Phone Facer App. See Instalk Facer Companion App.


On your watch go to Google Play by swiping up on the watch face. When you open Google Play it will automatically search for updates. Mine normally updates more than one when I do this.

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