Can't upload or save face

I’ve been trying to upload a face in the system but keeps on giving me this error…

Anyone else is having the same issue?

I haven’t gotten that error but I have had watch faces take an inordinate amount of time to update… hours even.

I am also very annoyed with the fact that I can’t save or upload my watch faces and I don’t know how.
People are requesting me to make new watches but I can’t upload them so can anyone help me pls.
It won’t upload or save any watch.

We have had this discussion going for days now. This problem had been going on for over a week now and progressively getting worse.

Please join us in the other thread where there is more info on this problem :slight_smile:

Facer Creator Slow - June 2018

I too am still having problems. They said they were able to repro it yesterday and was working on a fix but we havent heard anything since then

Ive been having this error / problem for days now and also posted a pic of this here Facer Creator Slow - June 2018