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Carry on my wayward simpsons

for lack of anything better to do, I’ve gotten back into the Simpsons, saw an episode called pixelated and afraid. now I love when Marge and Homer reconnect, so I’m rather fond of this episode, and well I had to go make a watch face. I wanted to make a battery level using homer’s weapon, but it looked so small, I wound up abandoning it, but still here we are.


I pictured something quite different when I saw the first 2 words of the subject :rofl:





Since we are into double entendres . I would like to see Homers Weapon . I hate the battery Icon on a Face like that . Not criticizing yourself . Perhaps we should come up with a little Egg Timer or something . Marges Necklace would make a great indicator .

I cleared the gems from her Necklace so just slip an Arc Progress Bar behind .
If need help with that get back .
Sorry it is only 640X640 . Nothing else fits on here .

what a marvellous idea, thinking outside the box! yeah I hate the battery icon myself. love the necklace indicator that’s just brilliant!

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okay so I put the weapon in, with a wolverine head in, but the blasted thing is going in the wrong direction. and as I say, it’s very tiny.


lots of searching trial and error, but I did it, looks like the necklace idea will be easier to see though.

played with repositioning and sizes, see how that fares.

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and with Russell’s necklace idea in place

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Great stuff. Some time to get something going the other way just add a - minus sign up front. Then start in a different position / rotation of course.
I was being very cocky there. But most half decent graphics packages have a magic wand that lets you delete certain colours to leave transparent. Takes a bit of playing with the tollerance but great for playing with that kind of image.
Carry on Making

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