Cartesian and polar coordinates on Watch Face

Hi, guys! I just tried making my first watch face, but two things have been screwing with my head since the beginning.

Polar Coordinates: Why is the entire unit circle rotated 90 degrees and backwards? I get that its supposed to be like a clock, but isn’t it screwing with anyone else’s understanding of math?

Cartesian Coordinates: Why is my X axis upside down? Can’t we just make the center of the watch 0,0? Why is the top left 0,0 and not the bottom left?

I don’t know if this is just my own problem, but if anybody has any tips so I can wrap my head around this whole setup that would be awesome.

The center is in 160,60;
0,0 in in the top left,
320,320 in the bottom right.
Angles are clockwise (0° on “twelve”)
x=160+radiussin(angle in radiant)
cos(angle in radiant)

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