CC Designs - Precision Sport

Here is the latest design I’ve been working on. Would love your thoughts.


I like it, easy to read with most of the data I might want, a little extra too but that’s just me. Haha

Well done sir


Actually not a sir. :wink:
And thank you very much.

I’m curious. What is it missing that you would like to see and what extra does it have that you consider extras?


I’m a simpler guy
Heart rate and steps are not needed so they are extras to me
As for the other, a bit more weather info maybe, like wind or tomorrow’s temp.
Or, min and max temp

Again, that’s just me.

And, my apologies Miss :wink:

It is well done design.

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BTW, I think I found my holiday designer

Will you be doing other holidays? New years, Halloween, etc?

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Hello, in general I like it, the custom weather icons are nice. I would say its good like it is.

I would have some little remarks based on my personal preferences, if you are interested.
I would try to find some use for the outer tick marks. Also would add degrees sign ° to temperature.
Maybe would play with the font size of the side infos too, to find out, whether it could be slightly bigger.


Thank you very much.

I tend to design for most holidays. If you look at my collections you will see several for Christmas and New Years.


It’s called Precision Sport. HR and steps seem to be needed for the title :wink:


Aye, maybe a later itteration could slightly darken all but the current hour tick, and slightly green the current minute tick, almost as a semi hybrid, but I love the simplicity of this design. Would miss a phone battery indicator if it worked just now.
I don’t think you need text to indicate the secnd wheel either. It is a great design and speaks for itself. The black inner triangle is all the differentiation needed on the dial, I think.

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Yeah yeah yeah
I know


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Oh, I’ve looked and saw then, already clicked follow and will wait patiently


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I think that is a pretty cool design, way to go.

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