Cease and desist warning

"I always wanted to create a Face with a good visibility. This is the result."
This is the touching description of the following @GAUSS watch face.

Except, you created nothing, @GAUSS.

LightBox is my idea. My design. I have been selling it on the Play Store and on the Galaxy Apps store for more than two years now. You didn’t ever bother to change the name.

That alone should make you sink in shame and go hide somewhere. But, no: you wanted to reach the real excellence. So, you started selling it on Facer. And they actually let you do it!
Wow, that’s so brilliant.You’ll know soon enough why.

Now, since I’m not interested in your usual self-serving, self-absolutory babble, I’ll be very brief.

I’ve already reported the GAUSS-Lightbox watch face.

Either it gets immediately removed from the directory, or I’ll have no choice but to take legal action against you and @Facer_Official.

I’have a lot of time to spend in Covid-19 confinement, I assure you it will be a delightfully entertaining diversion.

There will be no further warnings.

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Hi @veertualia.team

I am very sorry for the matching but it wasn´t my intention to copy/clone your design. I never cloned anyone´s watch face. Infact, i didn´t knew your face before.

I can honestly assure you that i made this watch face totally by myself.

And i choosed the name “Lightbox” because it simple is a light box.

Beside this, i wasn´t selling this face - it was just a case study about a year ago and was available for free.

I can understand that you are angry in this case - i would be, too. But there was really no bad intention behind it.

I just took it down so there shouldn´t be any problem anymore.

Sorry for the matching theme,

Greetings, GAUSS.


Yeah, right.

Page screenshot saved for future uses/references.
Now people can form an independent opinion about your words and such an extraordinary design coincidence.
And, incidentally, about the Facer platform.

So, the yellow cart icon we see above :arrow_up: means available for free. Even if it says “Get Facer Premium to sync” when you click on it? Such an extraordinary discovery.

But, then why are there blue icons saying just “Send to watch” on other faces of your collection?

I’m puzzled.

I mean: Isn’t it far simpler (and honest) to just put a price tag like in the Google Play Store or in the Samsung Galaxy Apps store?

Thank you for informing that you’ve been selling it for one year.

Hmm… i didn’t check but i thought it was a free one. I usually don‘t sell such studies.

And i don‘t exactly know how long it‘s been published. Could be half a year or a year. I can check it later if you like to know.

And - yes. People can compare them and will see that it is different in a lot of ways to your‘s.

For sure the base format of a cinema lightbox is the same.

And - again. It was not my intention to copy your work. It is a coincidence, nothing else.

If i had known your watch face i would have never published mine one - that‘s not my style and you can ask anyone around here.

I just deleted it to avoid irritations, even if i was not very pleased about the choice of your rude words.

See, in my opinion i didn‘t do anything wrong. I didn‘t know i was creating something similar.

I am a film enthusiast, that‘s all.

I created that one as an other example:

Greetings, GAUSS.


Hey @veertualia.team while I understand your reaction to this situation, maybe you came at it the wrong way. @GAUSS is one of the most stand-up members we have here and would never purposely copy anyone’s designs. As you can see, even though he created it without knowing your face existed, he just took it right down. Because he’s a good guy.

Accusing him of doing it on purpose without talking to the man is just wrong and disrespectful.

You come in here “warning” him and Facer, and he comes back and apologizes, explains, then takes it down, and you’re still coming at him. Look, he’s got over 200 faces to keep track of and you have 4. You have 68 followers and he has almost 17,000. He didn’t get where he is by stealing other peoples work. I’m being kind here, but if anyone’s going to steal anything, it would be FROM Gauss, not Gauss from you.

Next time maybe contact the party in question on the side in private and see if you can cordially work out the issue. Many times people don’t know they are doing something that offends you or whatever the case may be. Don’t “shoot first, and ask questions later”.


Groupies to the rescue. :grin:

Look, I have been arguing with @GAUSS even before you arrived here. I think he is a decent guy.
Just a little too self-absolutory and equidistant for my taste. No, I don’t believe he’s completely innocent in this matter. At least, on a self aware level. But yes, he did the right, smartest thing. For him and for Facer. But it doesn’t really matters.

That said. 1, 2, 200 followers? Local Facer standings leave me totally indifferent. I sell more than a hundred designs on two mainstream stores without any platform like Facer creator in the middle. Know what this means? Sure?

I’ve been critical with Facer from the very beginning. Lack of transparency, most of all. Have you read this?

Anyway, Facer leaves me largely indifferent, as of today. Unless you start selling my designs.
Which is what happened here, despite all the word of excuse. Hope it never happens again.

We’re called “friends” btw.

If you’re doing so well, and Facer is so bad, then why do you care? And I don’t think anyone is looking at the 2 faces and saying they don’t look similar. They do. We’re just saying there are nicer ways to go about it, and maybe deal with it privately next time.


It seems to me that, however, @GAUSS is right.
These watches are similar in style but certainly not the same.
@GAUSS watch is not a clone.


I’m sorry your honor.
Don’t be so hard on me.
I promise I won’t do it again.

I have already told you why I don’t care about Facer. I used to think it could be interesting to develop and sell watch faces for this platform a couple of years ago, but I changed my mind.

In fact, I discovered @GAUSS watch face by searching lightbox watch face on Google, not by coming here.

And when I find out that someone has copied my design, that is how I react.
Especially when it is been sold, regardless of excuses and whatever the platform.

I have any right to do so and I will do it again, should it happen in the future.

You are right to do so, @veertualia.team. I would react the same if this would happen to me.

Maybe not that agressive and at first in private mails, but i would do.

Infact i did in the past, i already found 4-5 clones of my faces, some even didn‘t remove my logo.

When you really have a closer look you will find out that these watch faces are different in a lot of points. I have one row more, a different layout, more informations, other colors, an opening animation, shiny effects on the fonts, fixedwidth fonts and so on…

The only thing they have in common are the overall theme (which is given by the look of cinema light boxes), the name (simply the name of the thematics) and the placement of a logo.

So we have had similar minds/ideas, that‘s all.

Greetings, GAUSS.


Just my 2 cents and I don’t know GAUSS.

Watch faces are similar but absolutely not the same in my opinion. There are only so much you can change on a watch face to make it different. If you look at the real watch world there are designs that are almost exactly the same except for the brand marking on them. Just like people to take legal action in the music industry because the song has the same song progression.

I’m not a GAUSS fan boy or his best buddy so want to save you from responding as to that reason I’m writing this response. I think you could have just private messaged GAUSS and talked this out in private. I don’t think coming at someone with both barrels was the answer to this issue. Also, I don’t think GAUSS needs to take his design down.


No argument here. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion.
By the way, you called two of your watch faces “Blade Runner”. Am I right?

That is correct. Blade Runner 1 and 2. Why do you ask?

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This is all fairly ironic coming from a guy who is actively selling a Casio knockoff. https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=veertualia.wmwatch.droid_illuminator_lcd


Where the heck did he go…lol.


I’m the new guy here and all but you’ve gone from threatening, to insults, to harrassment now to insulting the entire forum and anyone not seeing it your way. How very…ummm… Democrat of you. And you have all the bearings of a Capitalist, or so it would seem.

Dude, I don’t know much about designing, I’m just learning but that actually seems like a fairly simple design that I’m pretty sure I’ve seen more than twice. I could be wrong. While I admittedly don’t know much about designing, I DO know a little about Copyright law (which you don’t seem to have one) and Trademarks (you don’t seem to have that either). While my knowledge of the above is better than most, I’m not sure how it applies to this forum. Now my knowledge of both harassment and libel law is much greater than the aforementioned and I’ll tell you right now that your actions are on the fringe of harrassment, but you crossed the libel boundaries as soon as you accused him of plagiarism.

My suggestion is that you take your ball and go home. You accomplished what you wanted in that you got him to take it down and got your 15 minutes of fame at his expense. Move on.