Celcius And Fahrenheit

Are any watch faces that incorporate Celsius temperatures and fahrenheit temperatures

First of all, I’m gone ask you this:
Are you requesting a face that has this feature?

If yes then sorry to say it, but you are using a wrong category.
Under “feature requests” facer creators post request for Facer staff (like adding a new option for us to use inside a watchface that we want to create).

If no, then I’m sorry I understood it that way.

If you want a new face made that would utilize a feature that you are not sure exists yet then sent me a private message - I consider myself a specialist on creating new math mechanics.

If you are interested in using both types of temperature at the same time on a face that you are creating, then try reading this quick tutorial I created some time ago: Showing temperature in both C and F at the same time

I hope he means the Fahrenheit to celcius switch in iOS companion app :wink:
Or an settings tab on the watch to select it.