Certain Tags not working

Ive been playing with different faces and have found the following do not work on the Samsung Frontier S3.

Weather Todays High & Low #WTH# & #WTL# both seem to show the current temperature.
Works ok on Facer, but not on watch.

Battery Charge Status #BS# shows 0 or 1 on Facer, however on the watch produces “undefined” so cant be used.

Any tips please

If you just synced a face sometime the weather data take up to an hour to refresh to the current for your location. Never used the battery charge status tag since each watch has its own way to display a charge indicator.

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Thanks eradicator,

The battery charge, im not too worried about, just thought i would check and make sure that it does not work.

With regard to the weather, i understand your comment about the refresh rate, however its more that the weather high/low and current all display the same thing. For example i have all 3 on my watch and they do refresh, but they all show the same value.

Thanks for your response :slight_smile:

Battery Temperature #BTI# doesn’t display on Gear S3 Frontier either