Change Battery colour based on battery percentage

Hi, I want to make the battery icon change its hue from green to red based on its battery percentage.
Considering two options

  1. Use a single icon and use an expression to change colour.
  2. Use multiple icons.

I would like to use the former option because it is more battery friendly and consumes less data.


This way or another you will have to use multiple icons - Facer doesn’t allow using scripts in the color field.

I suggest using 2: green and red
One constantly visible (100% transparency) and the second one changing its transparency based on the tag.

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Oh well, hope Facer does add the expression to change colour in future updates.
Anyway, now that I have to add multiple icon, I need to make one opaque and another transparent based on the battery percentage. I dont know what expression I need to use, Can you guide me?

I have a set of battery icons with varying hues from green to red based on 25% battery percent differnce. How can I utilize it?

I don’t think you will need that many.
Just 2: red and green.
Set them in the same location and use battery level tag as it’s transparency.
That should be enough.

Actually I was thinking I about being more precise and use different hues, from
green (100%)>lime (75%)>yellow (50%) >orange (25%)>red (less than 15%)

Would that drain battery much faster?

Yes. I did the same thing for a step counter. 4 graphics, and it completely drained my battery in 6 hours. I also had 2 additional conditionals, both to show low battery warnings on both the watch and phone.

Tough luck man, It would be so much cooler if there would be an expression for changing hue of colour.

Perhaps, you guys @rcoaster and @Mellin can help me, take a look at my watch face

I have left two empty bar, one on the bottom and the other on the top left side (semi circle bar). I wanted to fill these bars with step percentage and battery (again, with varying hue green>red). Can you guys suggest me something better?

Around that scanner looking thing, I would suggest a step meter.
And for the bottom one, I would suggest second’s parts - one full slide every minute.

Cool design by the way.

Thank you.
By the way, the scanner is actually an analog clock lol, I just made it look like a radar.

Also, I have another question, like @rcoaster said, would extra meters does drain more Battery? What is your opinion on that?

Every extra meter will drain the battery more.
But to be honest from my usage of different faces - I never found a face that would drain my watch to the point I couldn’t use it as I would normally do (maybe because I have a habit of plugging it for charging every time I sit down at my desk, but still…). I might not be able to help you with this.

re Battery Meters: 2 or 3 conditional on the Transparency layer don’t really impact on battery drain:

This one has three conditional green, amber and red