Change Collections

Unless I missed something if I go into a Collection and on the watch select the"+" to select a new Collection, the Watch remains in the old collection. Furthermore, if I want to remove the watch from “Like” and deselect the heart, nothing changes.

I want to be able to change a collection where my watch(s) are and move them to new Collections, and I want un Fav watches to become no longer favorites

If you edit a collection you can delete a watchface, so you can add it to a new collection. It’s doesnt happen automatically when you add the watchface to a new collection because you maybe wanna have it in two or more collections…


Awesome thanks

I’m online on my laptop, going into a collection, and don’t see how to delete the watch face from a collection?

There is an edit button next to the collection’s name. There you can change, organise and remove desings


Right. Thanks

Happy New Year Facers! Can someone help with a query, I’m trying to edit one of my collections, I’ve updated my branding and want to change the banner images, on all my collections I can click on the ‘cog’ icon to edit the collection but on one of the collections, the ‘cog’ icon is missing any ideas or is this a bug for the @Facer_Official team? See images below the collection Event Horizon has no ‘cog’ (edit) icon.

Does that somehow work on a cellular as well? I don’t find any edit option there.