Change of circle radius, or pulsating circle radius

I have Circle that I would like to go from a Radius of 15 to a Radius of 160
Idealy I would like this only to happen/trigger on Wake.

I have tried the following as a start


But cant seem to adjust the figures to get the Radii that I require.

Any ideas?

I don’t really understand the condition under which this has to happen. When should there be a radius of 15? And when should there be a radius of 160?

Hi @lucky.andrei , this is my idea Walton - Zebra 01 - watch face for Apple Watch, Samsung Gear S3, Huawei Watch, and more - Facer
I would like the circle to start at 15 radius and then expand to a 160 radius

Maybe somehow? Increases when loaded or after DIM mode.


This achieves what I want
But I cant get the interpAccel to work

So you want the radius to change not once, but all the time? It’s pulsating.

No I would like it to do it once on Wake but I cant get the interpAccel to work e.g. ( interpAccel((sin(#Dsm#*2.35)*95)+100))

It doesn’t work like that.

Is my post about pulsating any use to you?

You could just replace the ZHR (heartrate) with a fixed number

Or the breathing size on this page? Edit the face and play with the ‘Orbit’ object

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I’ve done some testing and come up with this:
Change the z to the length of time you need (try 2 to start)
and if you work out how long you want it to run, you can use a conditional to set it to 160 when it would get there. IE if z = 2 then radius = 160 when DWE = pi (~ 3 seconds awake)
so radius:
or twice as fast:

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If you want it to start slowly and speed up, we can use TAN

Slow it down by increasing the 1 in #DWE#/1 but to do that, the first conditional should be 1.5 * that number


Just what I needed

This formula is in a radius, does the same thing. Now I wonder what other task if the formula does the job?

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