Change of circle radius, or pulsating circle radius

I have Circle that I would like to go from a Radius of 15 to a Radius of 160
Idealy I would like this only to happen/trigger on Wake.

I have tried the following as a start


But cant seem to adjust the figures to get the Radii that I require.

Any ideas?

I don’t really understand the condition under which this has to happen. When should there be a radius of 15? And when should there be a radius of 160?

Hi @lucky.andrei , this is my idea Walton - Zebra 01 - watch face for Apple Watch, Samsung Gear S3, Huawei Watch, and more - Facer
I would like the circle to start at 15 radius and then expand to a 160 radius

Maybe somehow? Increases when loaded or after DIM mode.


This achieves what I want
But I cant get the interpAccel to work

So you want the radius to change not once, but all the time? It’s pulsating.

No I would like it to do it once on Wake but I cant get the interpAccel to work e.g. ( interpAccel((sin(#Dsm#*2.35)*95)+100))

It doesn’t work like that.

Is my post about pulsating any use to you?

You could just replace the ZHR (heartrate) with a fixed number

Or the breathing size on this page? Edit the face and play with the ‘Orbit’ object

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I’ve done some testing and come up with this:
Change the z to the length of time you need (try 2 to start)
and if you work out how long you want it to run, you can use a conditional to set it to 160 when it would get there. IE if z = 2 then radius = 160 when DWE = pi (~ 3 seconds awake)
so radius:
or twice as fast:

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If you want it to start slowly and speed up, we can use TAN

Slow it down by increasing the 1 in #DWE#/1 but to do that, the first conditional should be 1.5 * that number


Just what I needed

This formula is in a radius, does the same thing. Now I wonder what other task if the formula does the job?

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Question to add hope its understandable… Is there any way to make the heartbeat work like Progress on Steps or Battery Level.So the Circle fills up and goes down with the heartbeat ???

Yeah this is possible using (abs(sin((#ZHR#/60)*#DWE#*pi))) as progress value:


Wonderful big thx to you :hugs: :kissing_heart:

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