Change temperature unit in iOS app

How do I change the temparature units from Fahrenheit to Celsius on iOS together with an Android 2.0 watch?

If you mean the “Fahrenheit” you see in the Facer Creator, this is fix set (example) from the LA (base of Facer/ Little Labs). However, if you sync it with your watch it will switch automatic to the unit you have set on your watch.

No I mean when I sync the watchface fromt the facer iOS app with the watch.

“unit you have set on your watch.”
Can you explain how and where to do that? I would be severly suprised if this is set to Fahrenheit though, since I bought this watch in Austria and set it up on German with European timezone and everything. Is this a setting you have to do in the facer app on the watch? Where do I find those settings?

Maybe I should have provided more detail, I’ll try to be more precise:

  • Sync any watchface from the store or 3rd party apps: Weather shown in Celsius
  • Sync any watchfase from Weather shown in Fahrenheit

Hi @fr1 let’s try this :wink:

Hey Thomas, thank you for the help but those screens are from Android, the iOS Version doesn’t have those options. On iOS you only have the options:

  • FAQ
  • Reconnect Watch

So I’m guessing at the moment it’s not possible to change this in iOS. Yea well whatever I guess, I’ll manage even though Fahrenheit is pretty awkward to me ^^. Team: I’m glad that you implemented the iOS -> Android Watch option. I get that this is still beta, and the faces are free so np. I’m actually somebody who has no problem buying premium watchfaces when they are good. When you ever bring paid faces to iOS I would expect such options to be implemented. Thank you.

…I am sorry… hope you will find the solution :v:

Not your fault, you tried to help me, thank you for that. Combining iOS and Android watch isn’t the smoothest ride ever, I’m pretty used to it ^^.

Hoping for a solution too… Like the possibility with iOS now :+1:t2:

I have the same issue with Fahrenheit and Celsius. Didn´t found a solution yet.

The IOS Companion App seems to be incomplete in comparison with the Android App.

Same issue here. Kind of a big omission since most of the world uses metric.

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So… This issue seems to have been around for four years. How hasn’t this been fixed yet?!