Change the time it takes to go to DIM?

Still learning my way around Facer, I don’t like that watch faces go to dim mode after just 3-4 seconds. Is this a setting that can be changed to say 10 or 15 seconds?

The only solution for wearOS (not Samsung) is a 3d party app called „Staylit“ but it costs 1,49€. You can get it at the Google store.

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Thanks, Do you use this? Have you found it effective, any negative influence on watch performance?

I don‘t use it personal but other members of this community did in the past and they were happy with it. So i think it doesn‘t have other influences.

I’d wager if the OS is factory set to last a certain short amount of time, and you force it to last longer… that is probably going to affect performance, mostly on the battery side of things.

That will take effect on the battery for sure, i thought this should be clear.

Thanks, yes I was asking about besides the obvious battery influence. I generally don’t like running apps in the background on my phone or PC because they invariably cause random sluggishness or other conflicts. So I was thinking more about that.

Hey you did ask for any negative influence :stuck_out_tongue: But… aside from that I don’t imagine there would be any other thing to worry about, if it’s just a thing that keeps the screen on a bit longer, not sure what could conflict against it, although I’m just guessing.

I read a few user reviews today and there were no complaints. I think it‘s a very small program that doesn‘t suck a lot of performance.