Changed Watches

I want to remove my Zenwatch 2 and replace it with my new watch Samsung Gear S3. How and where to do that?

Tap on the Hamburger menu (top left), then go to Settings, and there you should see an option to select your watch. Hope it helps!

I see the Facer Logo followed by Changed Watches and under neath the word Support. That is all I see on the LEFT side .
What does a Hamburger menu look like?

the icon is three lines stacked.

I did locate the three lines stacked on the right side but none on the left side. Found Support but could not find Settings. I am sorry for being such a Pain, but I tried them all without luck finding Settings. Can you please direct me so I can make my watch change?

I am very sorry because I was looking for settings on the web page, just realized that it is in the app on my phone to make the change. So Sorry for being so slow on this.