Changes to the weather icons primitive

I was thinking about the “Weather Icons” object and its relationship with the WCCI function which is the core of the icon because the corresponding image is represented on the basis of this value.
Nothing can be done instead with the functions of FORECAST WFnCI (A B C D E) that can only be read as a numerical value.
The most intelligent thing would be to make the primitive “Weather Icons” dependent on a numeric field in which we authors can choose either WCCI (maybe inserted as an automatic value) or WFnCI or any other numerical value.
This is the same philosophy that is behind the other primitives such as steps, beats or temperature that have as content a field with the corresponding variable (ZSC, ZHR or WCT) and by analogy I think it would be more correct that also the primitive of the weather worked the same way.
The same should be done for the primitive WIFI Level (which I discover only now!) That should have a field with the corresponding variable and not be a “closed box” even if in this case it would not make sense to change its value if not to go from the wifi of the clock to that of the phone (I discover only now that on my watch, however, does not work …)