Changing faces on S3 by pressing 3 times no more?

Yesterday I was able to press my screen on my watch three times and select up to 6 of my downloaded faces. Today when I press the watch face three times it only says watch face not themeable!

Any ideas how to change downloaded faces on the Samsung s3 frontier now ?

Thanks in advance.

doing the 3 quick taps still works for me dont know the problem maybe try going to a samsung face and then back to facer

I am having the same issue, I was able to triple tap to change faces. Now when I triple tap I get Watchface not themeable!.

I have reset my watch and uninstalled the facer app and the same issue with the Samsung S3 Frontier.

Hi all!

Can you download the latest version of Facer for your watch in the Galaxy App Store (it should be v3.1.4) and let us know if you’re still having the same issue?

I am having the same issue with the latest update from the Galaxy store on my Tizen - Samsung Galaxy v2.2.