Changing phone and Faces that I bought are not in new phone

I had bought some faces on my Galaxy S6. Now I’ve switched to Galaxy s8 but my faces won’t sync back to my new phone. How can I get them on my new phone?

You did log into your account, did you?

Yes I did login to my account. But can’t find any faces. .

And I presume you also were when you bought them…
If you really don’t have anything under “Watchbox/purchases” then you will need help from Facer staff.

Thanks Mellin. No I don’t have anything under Purchases. Also when I select the faces which I had already bought it’s asking me to buy again. Is there any email id for Facer staff?

@facerofficial can you please help?

@Lawson.avenue hi there! Are you logged in on Google Play with the same account you were on your previous phone? All purchases are tied to that account.