Changing temp from F to C

How do I change the temperature expression #WM# to display Centigrade instead of Fahrenheit?

#WM#, and other temperature tags are tied to the Temperature Scale setting on the Facer app. So it’s the user’s choice on if they use Celsius or Fahrenheit. You can’t make that decision in your watch face.

Think of it like this - your watch face shouldn’t dictate what information is displayed, only how it’s displayed. Separation of concerns.

You can change this value for your own phone by going to Settings in the Facer app and changing Temperature Scale under the Weather Data section.

Is it possible to ask one of the watch designers to add a component to one of their published watch face designs, namely, a design by Delicon called “Minml”?
I’m not sure this is the correct place to ask.

@chack1 most people ask for updates and tweaks in the comments section of the watch face itself in the mobile app. Most designers appreciate this and do their best to accommodate user requests!

I can’t get it to show it in celsius. My app on the phone is set to Celsius but it still shows it in fahrenheit on the watch