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Changing the units independently?

I’m creating a watch face and I just want to know is there any way to make the UNITS change independently?

for example in the altimeter with the default its showing as “METERS” but I want it to show in “FEET”, but I dont want to change the temperature unit from C to F, which changes if I change the settings from metric to imperial.

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Hi @chester.ch05 I think you can try this one
(#ALT#*3.28084) Feet. This is my idea only to use. But i never use barometer, altitude etc. in my watch face.

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Never thought of just converting it lol. thanks!

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is there anyway to make the round up up to 2 decimal places?

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Welcome @chester.ch05 . Ah good old mixed Metric. With Zulu on your watch face and wanting Altimeter in feet my guess is we have another Pilot in the community. Nice Debut Face. Well done.

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You can that that like this: (round(#ALT#*3.28084*100)/100)


This did the trick! used it in #ATM# for the pressure. Thank you so much!