Changing watchfsces on S3 triple tap

So I was originally able to change faces on my s3 by triple tapping my watch, but now doing so either brings up the message "watchfsces not themeable " or only let’s me change the theme of the current face. How can I go back to switching faces without using the phoneapp? Thanks

Hi! Sorry about that! Which version of the app are you running on your watch? Can you sure you have the latest from the Galaxy App Store / Gear store? Latest is v3.1.4.


Thanks I resolved reissue by uninstalling the app on the watch and reinstalling

I’ve had similar issues but more stable now, what I have never been able to do is delete a face from the watch on the watch, I’ve been told that I can long press and a waste basket will appear, it doesn’t, it just offers the option to uninstall facer

Thanks Jayden, I saw your topic on this issue and have the same concern. Still no answer from facer on it.

Hi @hayden and @Scrib - the long press to delete a face in the Facer picker isn’t supported on Gear S2/S3 yet, but it’s at the top of our priorities for the next version. Thanks for your patience!

thanks for clarifying