Check other time zone help

I"m trying to run a check to see if it’s a certain day of the week and time in UTC, but i can’t get it to parse properly and actually work. i’d like to have it Either display or hide text, based on if it’s a certain time range. Currently, this is what i have, and i’m probably just doing something wrong


So it turns out, it was the formatting after all. I was incorrectly putting a “?” after each conditional, instead of after the entire boolean conditional, which was throwing it off.

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Yes, indeed. But 3 conditionals in one is a long shot for some watches. Right now boolean like that are not very reliable. I suggest split the conditionals in 3, one for the transparency, one for X and one for Y. When all 3 are true, the text will be visible and it will work in every watch.

I opted to go with something a little simpler for my first design. maybe once i’ve made a few more, i’ll revisit the idea, but for now i’m just gonna practice! I’ll definitely keep the nested conditionals idea in mind though!