Check out my Radar effects

I’ve managed to get the Radar’s glow to reflect/highlight the edges as it passes over them replacing any white highlights when it needs too, so bezel, tick marks, sunken circles and triangles. What do you think?

A step too far or have i pulled it off?


Really nice effect!
Well done

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Just about to upload a slight tweak. Thank you :slight_smile:

This makes it clearer what ive done


@dazstacey, @mikeoday

What do you think fella’s :slight_smile:

Is that because you have added stroke/glow to the items ?

No mate, I wish…So…

It took some doing so. Here goes.

First I had to hide all the moving parts and digital bits on my face and then screen dump what was left.

Opened that in Microsoft paint and pixel by pixel I put yellow pixels everywhere I wanted to be reflective

I then made yellow transparent.

I exported that image back to my face and perfectly aligned it over the top of all the real now obsolete parts. But I left the parts beneath it because they filled the transparent gaps back in with with what I took out. So I now had a normal looking face again but in fact had a fake one over the top with holes in.

Then below my false face but above the real bits below I added another radar the same as the one on top but the lower hidden one was much brighter so when it rotated it was visible through the holes giving the effect that the one on top was illuminating the edges. Then I un hid all the bits I needed (hands etcs) and sent them to front so above the fake watch.

I hadn’t seen it done before so thought I’d try it and it worked.

Job done :slight_smile:


I had to look at the face for a minute to “see” the reflections but I do get what you are talking about. It is a slick effect, although it is a bit subtle in this application. Just a note for future projects, if you can, download Gimp. It is a free graphics application that rivals Photoshop. Gimp will make these types of projects flow much faster and easier than using Paint.

I now have GIMP. Just got it this week. Need to familiarise myself but it looks pretty similar to the Photoshop CS I once used some time back :+1:

Hi Dave.

Yeah definetly GIMP is your friend :slight_smile:

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By the way, looking at it know, amazing work.
Im really impressed

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Thank you for explaining your methodology ! i was thinking about how to approach this kind of effect but never had the time to focus on the matter , although i have a much faster way to do it …
might use this in some of my upcoming designs !

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