Choosing categories


I would like to ask for a change in the current system of picking categories of faces.
Right now, they are determined automatically by what tag am I using, but that can be confusing.
Over half of my faces are analog, yet most of them have digital category and not the analog one, simply because I used digital tags in order to calculate complex analog movement.

Could there be a way of changing/adding manually categories to one’s face?

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That’s coming very soon! You’ll soon be able to select which category your watch face is in, and we will also be making these faces easier to find for users in the mobile app. Thanks for your patience!


Hi @Facer_Official,

(1) Will it ever be possible to select more than one Category for a watch face? For example, I’ve wanted to select both Nature and Illustrated. Poor searchability decreases usability, does it not?

(2) The current watch face categories are pretty male-centric. Today’s Android app includes the following categories full of “bro” watch faces: Glance, Stellar, Information Rich, Midnight, Nerd Pride, Old School Cool, Animated to the Extreme, Time at a Glance, Fun & Unique, Engineering Wonders, and Exclusive Brands… For the ladies, there’s just Flora and maybe Sleek & Clean. Where’s the section for cute and fluffy Animals? Can in-app featured categories be a little more gender balanced?