Choppy Animation

I couldn’t find a post about this already; apologies if this is a repeat. Ever since Facer offered the new widget/app/whatever it’s called where you can upload up to 25 images and create an animation without inputting equations, my older animations are all choppy and will not display properly. For example, if I use the built in option for creating animations, they perform as smooth as butter. But if I try to sync one of my animated watchfaces that was created prior to the widget, the images will disappear/reappear, freeze, and are otherwise choppy and messy. They look that way in the app on my phone as well as when I sync to my watch, whether I use the app or the website to do the syncing. They look perfectly fine in the website preview; I only get the issue on the watch and phone app, but no matter where I sync from, the same issue occurs.

Does anyone have tips on fixing this? I’ve tried uninstalling/reinstalling, clearing cache, clearing storage, restarting the phone and watch - all to no avail. Please help because I do not have all of my still frame images saved on my computer anymore for some of these nor the patience to go back and re-build them all from scratch, but I still want to wear them :frowning: