Chronograph hours: correct tag code and values (rotation)

Sorry Guys - A little help, if possible.

Changing up a gear and adding ‘Premium’ watches to the portfolio, with features including ‘chronograph’… It’s my first time using ‘chrono’ feature and wanted to be sure I’m doing it right, hence reaching out.

So for a complication rotating each 2 seconds i’m using: (#SWEMS#*0.1666666665)

For minutes I’m using:(#SWEM#*6)

For 24-hour clock, I’m using: (#SWEM#*0.3)

Tied using ‘H’ but the hand doesn’t work / move when viewed in showcase.

Thoughts gratefully received.

For reference:



AKA richard2 / MACH-1

This should work, been a while tho.

Hours: (#SWEH#*30)(#DWFKS#)
Mins: (#SWEM#*6)(#DWFMS#)
Secs: (#SWES#*6)(#DWFS#)

Hey Rator,

Brilliant! I’ll give this a go.

I wish there was reference to the ‘primary E’ value published somewhere. Giving #*E# value and then requiring multiplication isn’t intuitive without one.

But now, thanks for your help, I have it!!

Thanks again.


Damm, shame - doesn’t work!

For acuity - its just the 24-hour chrono I need to resolve - thanks in advance.

No problem! Looks like the seconds and minutes are working, for the 24hr dial, the rotation is #DWFHS# but ive never done a chrono for that before so i dont know.

All good Rator - I checked my original workings - a laborious process of running it in real-time in showcase against a ‘real clock’… and they work.

Just wanted to be sure, before posting a ‘premium watch’… completely different gig to freebies.

I’ll post a guide here for complete reference for everyone sometime soon.

Thanks for your help. Cheers R

Great! And yea it takes forever to make sure they work lol! Looks great BTW!

Cheers mate! … will publish a complete set of values based on the precept of ‘I want to have a dial that does’…:24 hour, 12 hour, 60 mins, 30 mins, etc.

A clear ‘need based’ information set missing in the Facer rep…

Great community. Credit to you.

Til next time.


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Thanks, and no credit needed, I’m just passing along things I’ve learned from others here that are super helpful. it IS a great community. keep up the great work!