Circular dials creating

Hi guys.
I’m still a bit new to Facer but have been slowly playing around and creating some watch faces.
I was hoping someone could help me along…
How do I create circular dials? Eg, for day of the week or battery level and so on.
Thank you in advance

By circular dial, you mean an analog one?

If yes then the only thing you need is the rotation for the hand and an image of that hand.

For the image either use ones available in the creator, google them or create your own in an image editing program.

For the code, first think of what you want to show, then find the corresponding tag for it in the Facer documentation and scale it accordingly.

You want an analog dial that shows watch’s battery level, going from angle 0 to angle 180.
tag: #BLN#
Scaling: ((#BLN#/100)*180)

Thank you Mellin. I’ll give that a go.
A stupid question, but is there some kind of a list of codes that someone’s put together for this kind of thing? Let’s say, facer codes for dummies, hahaha. I really want to experiment and see what I can create but other then the codes already in facer, I have no idea what I’m doing hence me asking about, probably a simple thing to you, about the circular dials.

I don’t know of any official lists other than the Facer documentation I already provided a link to.

check out the comments on this forum, There’s a wealth of great info available if you’re able to spend the time searching for it