Circumstantial Flashing!

Ok so that would of got your attention :smile:

So…with your help I’ve learnt (maybe not learnt but have) the code to change the transparency of an image when conditions are met. Ie my fuel gauge changing colours when battery level drops or a heart that beats according to your hearts bpm. Again a transparency code but …

What if I want both. Can I combine the code so that when my battery drops let’s say below 10% it turns red but also flashes!!

I know the main code for the green and amber date won’t change but I would need to add some code to the red state. Can this be done?

Yes, you can:

Set it in transparency field:

$#BLN#<=10&&#BLN#>=0?(100 * (sin(((#DWE# / 0.5 - (floor(#DWE# / 0.25))) * 2 * pi)))) : 0$

I made it once in this watch face:

Inspection mode is on.

Greetings, GAUSS.


Thank you, I’m off to bed now but will play with that soon :slight_smile:

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