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Citizen eco drive

can someone make this watchface for gear s3 frontier thanks

Nice watch. Interesting feature, setting the time according to GPS instead of relying on connectivity and location. Have to think about that…

Anyone try this before?

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I don’t know

Work in progress…


It’s good

OK, work is done. I think it turned out to be one of my own favourites. It is not a like for like Citizen copy - which I would never do. I will publish 2 versions (still testing…):

  • FREE version with Weekday dial and battery meter at 9, temperature dial (respects F and C) and humidity meter at 3, GPT (geo position time) at 6.

  • PRO version. Same as above but includes chronograph, ability to park hands at 12 o’clock, and 3 different modes at the bottom dial. Switch between GPT, GMT, 24H dials. (See previous link above).

FREE version:

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I made my most original version