Citizen watch with Facer App

Hello all

First off, Happy New Year

Second, my wife bought me a Citizen Smartwatch for Christmas.
She bought the hybrid which is cool and all but I want the full blown. Discussions were cool, she sent back the hybrid and ordered the other.
Love her to death

I want to check out some of these awesome faces
I created an account and went premium
I went to select my watch from the list and it is not there.
There is an option for Generic Wear OS watch which it is.

Does anyone else here have the citizen and does facer work with it?

Thanks for any assistance and again

Happy New Year


so @tom.itssos is it a CZ ? That is the latest as far as I can see. Not all the Watches about are Itemised on the list . Facer is Very Strong with WearOS . WearOS3 still has a few issues.
All I can say is give it a go .
When the others have recovered from the Festivities you will get some other Responses.



Which model Citizen smart watch do you have?


Sorry for the slow replies

I am a truck driver and having fun in Oregon at the moment


I think I found my answer in another post.
It’s a 46mm but facer does not support it, at this time.

Serious bummer if I am reading correctly

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It’s WearOS so it should be fine (I could be wrong or right there, just my thoughts).
Welcome to the Community and Happy New Year…keep on truckin’ :beers:


I hope you are right, when I get back home it’ll be waiting for me.
I’m a bit stoked.


I wish you luck with the Facer compatibility Tom :crossed_fingers: By the way, that Watch looks pretty decent, and it actually looks quite similar to the 46" Samsung Galaxy too (I have an older Galaxy 46" myself). I have an older Eco Chronograph Citizen Watch that I still love too :smiley:


Hi Tom, It almost certainly will work if you just select any other WearOS watch in the menu. That setting actually has nothing to do with anything except what watch body is displayed in the preview of faces in the app.

But you do have to make sure you are paired watch to phone with the WearOS app on your phone. And you need to be sure you have facer installed on both the watch and phone. I have several WearOS watches, it doesn’t matter which one I have selected in the app. When I sync a face it loads simultaneously on all the watches I have paired with my phone.

Let us know what happens!


Yes Tom, just what @kvansant said :smiley:
Now we’re all keen to see how you’re getting on with it


Thank you @kvansant, that is awesome news.

I already have the app on my phone, sadly out on The road at the moment. The wife let me know the watch arrived and I’m out here :frowning:

This will be the first app I install on it once I play with settings. According to research I’ve done you have to turn some things off to make the battery last all day. It’s supposedly power hungry. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:


Will do @icrltd4

BTW, the pic you posted, she chose the silicon strap as the metal bands always pull at my arm/wrist hair which is annoying but yes, that isbit, the black one :wink: