Clarification / information about Facer

I am new here and in the watch face topics and and I am looking for information regarding Facer, what is free, what is not, premium user, how to get more faces, prices… I have not found clear explanation. Where is this available please ?

2nd topic : (maybe linked with the previous one)
I have an IPhone 8 with updated apps ( Samsung & Facer) and a new galaxy watch. In general I have lot of difficulties to get new faces loaded in the watch… Sometimes it works well but very often (80%) impossible to get something transferred. Is there some daily limitations with Facer Or something special I could have missed ?

Thank you very much in advance.

diversfr16 well arrived, the free dials are all those with the blue icon with a clock in the center, the others are paid, prices vary depending on the type of watchfaces, have fun!

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If you subscribe to the premium program, you can use every face you want no matter is free or paid.
The Iphone Facer Tizen issue is currently been fixed but indeed is very problematic. I think it will be working fine soon.
Welcome and have fun!

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Thank yo to carlosfilippa and Oregon900 for their answers.
Unfortunately, It is not answering all of my questions.
I was assuming that people from Facer could answer to explain how THEIR software is working or not because this is one of the main topic.
Should we pay for faces when the software is not working properly ?
Is there somewhere I can find “official” information regarding Facer and the support we can get in case of issues ?
Thank you !

It seems that your question is more of a support related topic. Perhaps you could email Little Labs at

Thank you for your info, I have just done it.

You’re welcome. It may take a few days for them to reply, but they will respond.