Clicking on an element to pull another element up. How?

I’ve seen a few watches where if you click on one of the elements it will bring up another element.

Example: click on the watch battery charger then the phone charger pulls up…

How is this accomplished?

To do this, you need a Pro subscription. Then you can use variables.

I subscribed to the PRO Subscription last week.

Is there a tutorial I can take a look at for the variables…

As for the animation. Then you need to add the VAR Toggle item and define the area to be clicked. Further, for the element to appear enough such a formula in the opacity field $#VAR_1#==0?0:100$.
As for the click shift, the x or y coordinate changes smoothly.
When the variable is changed, the object will move smoothly along the x coordinate, when it is clicked again, it will return back.

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Lucky do I add the formula in the main element and put the new element on top of it?

As far as I remember, the formula was for the top element, and on the click he would move, on the next click he would return to his original place.

The problem I’m having when I add the formula to the top element - the bottom is still in place and vice versa. Do I need to adjust the formula at all to match it up with var_# on the scale when it slides from left to right?

Is there a guide to all of this with the formulas?

After all, nothing can be moved simply to make the object transparent.


I’m missing something here cause it is not working… I’ve got 2 elements placed - the top is the heart and bottom steps… I’ve added the formula to the top layer and the bottom is set to 100% — if I give it a 0 opacity it then disappears completely.

See the example here:

Step count - $#VAR_1#==0?0:100$
Heart rate - $#VAR_1#==0?100:0$

Thank you very much, is there a guide to better understand the formulas? I appreciate the help!!!

Try to see in this section

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There are also many useful people here in real time

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I’ve got the Pro Subscription and all I’m showing is the Basic Elements. How do I access the other elements?


Hi Mike,
Are you looking for Apple or WearOS Pro Tools? The Pro Tools for Apple are still in development.
Pro members can use tools for WearOS, however. When you log in select WearOS near the top of the page. After than you should see the WearOS Pro Tools in Creator. I don’t know when the Apple Pro Tools will be available.