Help Changing Dial

Hi to all

I realized this watch face

with a double dial (digital/analog). I switch from one to the other tapping the center.
The change of dial happens just saying in one shot.
I would like to change dial with a sliding effect, from sx to dx or from top to bottom. Could be from dx to sx or bottom to top too.
Could someone help me in realizing this? I would appreciate any help.
Not being a math, should be a simple explanation with a ready for use formula.
Thanks in advance for any help

As far as I know, that’s impossible in Facer.

Hy lucky.andrei

Not to contradict, but i saw many faces in Facer that have this effect implemented in, so…it should be achievable. I’m talking about a dial that rise up or down or left to right like a curtain.
Unfortunately i have not taken note about those faces.
Thanks anyway for your reply

All you have to do is take a look at facer creator capabilities and you will see that only clicks work. Everything else you saw was the animation after you clicked.

As for the animation. Then you need to add the VAR Toggle item and define the area to be clicked. Further, for the element to appear enough such a formula in the opacity field $#VAR_1#==0?0:100$.
As for the click shift, the x or y coordinate changes smoothly. You want that formula?
When the variable is changed, the object will move smoothly along the x coordinate, when it is clicked again, it will return back.


Hi again
Yes, what i wanted is an animation of sliding dial when i click the toggle. Just as i do now. I click in the center (my VAR toggle) and the dial changes, but in one shot. I would have it moving smootly up/down or L/R.
So i think that what you suggest is just what i want.
Unfortunately i did a try inserting your formula in the x coord of my VAR toggle, but the VAR circle goes out of the face and the trick did not work. For sure i did the wrong thing, but…i told i’m not a math.
Could you kindly take a look at my face and tell me where exactly i must insert the formula?
I will appreciate very much
Have a nice day

Try this, insert the formula in the x or y field.

[quote=“lucky.andrei, post:5, topic:52299”]

You are very patient, and i thank you for this. So i inserted the formula
in the Y field of tickmarks and in the Y field of things i want to have On or Off, but i have 2 problems:
1) Things have gone up, but clicking again on VAR they do not return in the former place
2) I would have had an effect of a slow raising, as an electric shutter that raise slowly
I have modified my face with your formula, so you can see what i say
Have a nice day

I’ll try to put together a working example later. I didn’t find any use for that formula in your watchface.

Thanks for your interest and help in my idea, may be a crazy idea.LOL
My purpose would simply be to obtain a graphic effect.
One dial raise or slide slowly revealing the other dial concealed beneath the first.
In this face of Hade

petr.patocka obtained an effect similar to what i would, but he used an image divided in quarters. I have to handle a full image.
I tried the formula of petr in the Y axis of my dial, but i had no luck for this reason
The analog dial slides up but it shows nothing behind him. I see an empty dial, whilst i would see the digital dial that i call out whit VAR toggle without the formula.
Thanks very very much again, stay well

Made for you an example with two dials, the gradual shift occurs at the coordinate y. Write it down when you’re done with it, I’ll remove the watchface.


Hi andrei

Whoow. Just what i wanted. I don’t know how to thank you having spent your time to help me.
A BIG thanks. I have appreciated very very much. May be my one is a crazy idea, but…i liked it.
As you told i have taken a note of all.
You can erase the sample you did.
Thanks again, have a nice week end

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