Clock idea that has black around the time and the time is in the center

Any ideas how to set up a clock to where there’s a black rectangle that covers up the wallpaper and background but has the time in small white pixels

So basically, you want a black background and the “Tick marks” object. You can find that in the editor. What’s the point in having a background wallpaper at all?

I want to still be able to see the background but have a tiny section in the corner blacked not the whole pic

Emphasis mine.

Your explanation is a little bit hard to visualize. You first say you want a black rectangle that covers up the background, but then in your second post you say that you want to have a tiny section in the corner blacked out and not the whole background.

It makes it hard to help you, when your posts conflict each other.

I’m thinking he wants a round dial with a wallpaper in it, some black in the corners.
i.e. square watch face with round dial…

Hey sorry for the confusion. I want to something like this pic

. So in the corner you can always see the time clearly but also see a background pic

Well that’s easy… just choose a background image, create a black square, then put a digital time above it.

I just thought about that while fooling around on the editor ty for the help sorry for the confusion