Coffee Time design, critique

Coffee Time design

Here’s a current project inspired by my niece. Overall I like it but I’m having a lil trouble liking the text displays mainly because of color conflicts in the background. What do yall think?

Nice basic design but yes, I think the Coffee text and background do not go well together. Partly I think this is lack of colour contrast but I think it is also perhaps a bit cluttered. You could try different colours and/or maybe blurring the background a bit to give visual contrast between it and the text. Also, seeing text in front of the hands is a bit unusual - not “bad” or"wrong" of course, but a bit off putting for people not used to it.

I agree with Mike. If your focus is the coffee, see how it looks with the scrolls removed to clean up the background. If you want them in there, create them on another layer and lower the opacity. If you want a title on the face it needs only one so you might want to remove the other. That should clean up the background a bit. Then you can darken the text for more contrast. As Mike mentioned, it might look better if the hands are on top of the text.

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@mikeoday, @Linlay… Appreciate yall taking the time to review. I will continue to tinker with the colors and work on the opacity of the scrawl. There’s a method to the madness of the design I need to figure out how to balance. Elegant, relaxing, inviting… yet both sets of the verbiage designed to appeal to the coffee fanatic. I am not a fanatic, but I have listened to some people who would see reducing it to only “O’clock” and “thirty” would seem like they were on a coffee diet.

The reason I placed the hands below the text is because when I began working on this scheme the watch hands obscured my view of what I was doing so, rather than turn off the layer view, I placed the text on top. Then I got to thinking it is unusual and flowed with the “out there” theme declaring “nothing gets between me and my coffee.” However, if yall think it doesn’t look good or messes with your eyes too much then perhaps I need to go ahead and reorder them.

Thanks again for your time.

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