[Collection] Adventure Hv100 Analog/Digital Hybrid

Here’s my newest collection. Until I can make themeable faces I will just start putting all the color options in a collection so that people can still have my faces in the colours that they prefer. Hope you enjoy.

The Adventure Hv100 is an Analog/Digital Hybrid that comes equipped with phone and watch battery meters, the tick marks acting as percentage indicators. A battery friendly dim screen with digital time to keep things nice and clean. It also comes with the days weather information so you can always tell what you will need for your adventure because lets be honest, everyday is a good day for an adventure. Choose your favorite color or pick them all! Follow to make sure you don’t miss any of the new Adventure faces including a face that has all colors that are chosen at random on wake-up.

PS* Fun fact, the picture used for this collection is a picture of me snowboarding Mt. Baker Washington on my wedding day. We were married in the back country area and then went snowboarding afterwards. The most beautiful day I’ve ever experienced, and by far my greatest “Adventure.”


Awesome collection! Great work! I feel your pain re: making them themeable…one day! :slight_smile:

Thank you! I’m glad you enjoy it. Also I added a PS* into my post that I forgot to write before. :wink:

Awesome! Great story (and photo - you’re quite a photographer!)

Thank you but I give 80% of the credit to my go pro. I just cut the picture from a video. :smile:

Haha still counts :smiley:

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Great all. I :heart: this collection!

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Thanks you guys! Glad you enjoy it.

Awesome! Love 'em!

Looks good on my Zen 3 :thumbsup:

Great work!

@Linlay @rarest @ovinka @roycaruso @Tomas
Thank you all so much!
Which color/s did you like best? Is there any other colors you would like to see added?

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It’s hard to choose. I usually coordinate my watch face with my outfit. I think I like the cyan one today. My New Balance runners are that color. :grinning:

Yay! I like that one too. The first one I made was the mint green which I was super excited about but I fell in love with cyan too.

So as promised here is the Random version of this face. Randomly selects one of the seven colors each time the watch wakes up. I didn’t include the Midnight versions because the color scheme on the text was just way to different and I didn’t want to have that many layers involved. Maybe If I continue to do more in the midnight versions then I will make a Midnight Random.

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I like the frosted blue one myself :slight_smile:

Cool! Haha maybe we can make our own themeable watches this way :smiley:

That’s one way but the option is removed unfortunately but great for people who can’t make decisions! Haha

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Very well designed. Hard to pick a favorite color. I believe I’ve worn them all, just depends on the outfit I’m wearing.

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That’s a good point. I should do some earth tones so that it would pair well with more dressy outfits, things like khaki and such.