Collection Banners

Figured I would create some more professional (Premium) banners for my collections. Was hoping to hear from some of you all, especially premium who have created your own banners as to how you created them with the watch design previews in the banner. Any tips would be apprectiated not just for myself but I am sure anyone else who may want to make them. Thank you!

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Hi @Orion, I used the facer view or preview of my watch design in the facer watch profile, maximized the browser window to get white area around the watch and then used a screen shot to capture. Then you can use the screen capture for the banner.

Windows Screen Capture:

MAC Screen capture:

I use photo shop to layer into the banner.



Thank you @cdownie1967! That’s kind of what I figured. Then utilizing photoshop to cut out the white areas and layer into your background. Just didn’t know if there was another way.

Windows snipping tool and Powerpoint.


Really? how are you able to get rid of the surrounding white in Powerpoint?

Hello, I use Greenshot and the “capture region” property and edit the result in Adobe Fireworks.


Okay… now for a very special trick i found out a few days ago…

The maximized preview doesn’t have the best resolution…

Post your watch with the link in the forum (Showcase …)

Then zoom the window with Strg + till you get the watch face full on screen. Now make the screenshot… :slight_smile:

I think you may like the result…

Greetings, GAUSS.


Awesome! Cool trick @GAUSS! Thank you for the help.