[Collection] Dots & Circles - Colors for every taste!

Hi Everyone,

as I noticed that people like the original Dots & Circles watch face, I decided to offer you more choices color-wise. If you’d like any particular color, just drop a comment and I can even make a special version for you.


Stranger Red:

Pure Orange:

Lemony Yellow:

Toxic Green:

Electric Blue:

Pink Obsession:

Purple Rain:

Black & White:

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This looks like a huge amount of work, which would be unnecessary if we had access to themes, @Facer_Official.

I don’t know about Mircea, but I am unwilling to depart from my aesthetic to reach 3x3000 syncs, and equally unwilling to hack themes with brute force as she has demonstrated here. I already hacked collections with brute force (to little effect).

I think it’s fair to say that we have been trading creative inspiration with premium designers, while working with the following disadvantages:

  • no access to detailed sync/wear data
  • no access to official collections (unofficial collections are ineffective vs. in-app ones)
  • no access to banners
  • no access to themes

Selling watch faces is not even the sticking point for me. Restricted features are. :disappointed:

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P.S. Since I believe learning resources should be free, all of my animated watch faces are open to inspection, and I have been leveraging discord, reddit, soundcloud, weebly, and so on. I am open to suggestions as to what more I can do.

P.P.S. This post is separate because I am out of edits for today. まったく! :unamused: