[Collection] Rotor Collection

Here it is my last collection!

It’s an elegant steel watchface with multiple rotation informations!
Let me know what do you think about it and let me know if there is something that you would change before i will publish it!

Updated with different colorations

Cheers orz0


\Those rolling numbers are best ive seen.

Thanks so much!!!

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I would maybe add a pattern on the gradient background.
I like the design overall

How does the second timer move?

I guess the minute and hour ones is just the time tag +1 / -1.

But the second one im intrigued

Great number displays.

There is a bug in the seconds display - repeated 01

Hour, minute and also second are some rounded images moving like an hand, you can inspect it cause it’s inspectable.
I tried to add a pattern on the background but didn’t find out something convincing me… Maybe I will make another version with a pattern when I find out one that looks great.
For the minute and hour hand I used the stepper movement and not the smooth one to have hour and minute always aligned

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Thanks so much Mike!
I missed to change it probably!

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Very nice idea but the foreground needs definitely some more decorations. Its looking to plain.

I’m trying to find out a pattern to add that looks great :slight_smile:

Hmmm, maybe i can help you out. I will have a look later in my own creations database…

It would be awesome! thank you

Maybe a perforated mesh pattern.
Or a honeycomb pattern.

Just realized you changed it, looks much better!!!

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Yep, a big thanks @GAUSS that helped me with that awesome guilloche background!!!

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