[Collection] Sharp (in 5 colors) by John Morga

Hey everyone!
Here’s my new Sharp models. They are full chonographs with the date, weather conditions, temp, and daily steps. The “O” at the 10:00 position is also phone battery gauge which “drains” from full to empty. The dim mode also has an easy to read digital time. I got my inspiration from the simple and elegant NOMOS Ahoi line except these have more functions and the white face art is themeable. I built 5 in Tangerine, Blueberry, Celery, Espresso, and Bubble Gum. Something for everyone. Or collect them all!

Hope u like 'em. All comments/critiques welcome. Inspection mode is ON for all of these if you want to check them out.

Check out all of my faces here–> http://morga.io



Really sharp! thank you for leaving inspector open.
Love your new profile logo too

Thanks @hayden!


I like the number 10 ,very interesting .

Thanks @jimmycheung!


Very very nice!
Did you left out the 1 of the 10 on purpose? Because i think it won’t hurt the design by leaving it there

Yes! I did leave the “1” out - just something different. :slight_smile: