[Collection] Wisdom From Texas Watch Faces (New Designer)

Hey y’all. I just posted 5 new designs and was looking for feedback from veteran designers. Please take a moment to check them out and let me know if you have any comments. It’s really appreciated!

All the best, Wisdom from Texas

Wisdom from Texas Watchfaces

Hey @kbb-sgb.
OK here goes… first, Welcome! Couple of notes

  1. try not to have graphics impeding or battling for face real estate. So in your Texas Star and Yellow Rose, the star is battling with the 7 and 5. The Yellow rose is conflicting with the 3, 4, 9 an 10. If the graphics were just slightly smaller you’d be able to clearly see those numerals. especially the rose where yellow and white are both bright colors.

  2. On some faces the hands could be more substantial. Like the Bluebonnet and Bluebonnet Tartan, the hands are hard to see against the background.

Just two things that first came to mind.


Whew. Don’t mess with Texas!

Pretty much what @jmorga106 said; you can either downsize the graphics or play around with font Stroke to make the text features more visible.

Additional Notes:

  • How about adding your Wisdom from Texas branding to the Dim side of Phoenix Rising?

  • Do you think you can do better with the Dim side of Heck Yeah? It looks a little empty/unfinished.

  • Are you willing to try some Hue/Saturation and/or resizing tweaks on Bluebonnet Train (maybe slightly larger squares), Longhorn & Calf and Yellow Rose (maybe slightly smaller graphics)? You might produce an end result that you like better.

Very nice designs! I agree with others who suggested that the hands need to be more substatial. I have the same problem with a couple of my faces. It’s not easy to resolve when you don’t want the hands to detract from the image - assuming the image is your priority.
Regarding the Yellow Rose, perhaps the rose could be slightly smaller in order to clear the numbers a little better. As far as Dim Mode, it depends on personal taste and on what you are trying to achieve. I prefer a minimum of elements in that mode, so your Dim Mode looks fine to me.