[Collection] XA Series

I would like to introduce a new XA series, which so far includes four watchfaces.

Any suggestions welcome. Thank you.


Amazing, as usual @petr.patocka! Make sure to create an actual collection for them and we’ll review it for featuring.


Thank you for the compliment. I will create the collection just as soon as I return from my vacation to my computer.

I love all these faces. Have used the XA1000 quite a bit for my gear sport. Would be really cool to have other color options for the hands and maybe tic marks or a few numbers on the dim mode. Otherwise love it. Look forward to all your faces.

What about this?

I’ve created a new collection: Extended Adventure

That’s awesome. Really love that one. Thank you. Keep up the good work.

This series has been extended by another two watchfaces.

I will be grateful for every note. Thanks